Medical Affairs​

Leveraging a Physician Network 

In addition to other key professionals within HcFocus, our company is built on a strong physician network. Doctors are and will remain on the frontline of healthcare. Physician adoption is mission critical to a successful market access program. The philosophy behind our medical affairs division is that ultimately, when physicians participate and champion innovative developments, we can bridge the gap between research and real-world applications. We not only understand the critical role that medical affairs play in the success of healthcare products, but carefully select clients who share our values and goals to improve the lives of patients and our communities.  

Physician Engagement     

Physician engagement is another cornerstone of our services. We help you to forge and strengthen relationships with healthcare professionals, key opinion leaders (KOLs), and community physicians, with the goal of strengthening both physician adoption and reimbursement, which are very much intertwined.  Our deep physician networks and relationships inform engagement strategies tailored to your specific project and company trajectory. 

Market Research Program 

Our market research program is an invaluable resource for obtaining direct insights from relevant physicians. What makes us different? We have knowledgeable HcFocus physicians working with you, from designing the questionnaire to attending interviews along with our professional marketing team. This program allows you to capture the true perspectives of those who are most familiar with the needs and challenges of patients, providing you with the information necessary to make informed decisions and tailor your products to meet the demands of the market. 

Clinical Development Services including Tech Support     

Our clinical development services are designed to inform and optimize clinical trials with market access strategies in mind. What sets us apart? We not only provide expert guidance for investigator-sponsored studies, publication review, and strategies – we also specialize in top-tier IT development services. The results are bespoke database management tools tailored for clinical sample monitoring and data collection studies. Our commitment to efficiency and affordability ensures that our clients can conduct their research effectively, with the assurance that these programs are not just company assets; they are the instruments that empower our clients to achieve their research objectives.